Colour Palette Monday : : easy breezy

Good morning!

Wow it is already Monday… Where do the weekends go? As I sip my coffee and think to myself “I could use one more day to actually relax”, I look at this inspiration board and it screams “just kick your shoes off, have a seat and take it easy”. Between running errands, entertaining friends with dinner and drinks, to playing sports with the family, I just wish I could have a moment to slow down, unwind and take it all in. Take in the weather, the smell of spring, the burst of colours blooming and the cool morning breeze. The softness and lightness of this palette is so comforting, it makes you want to sit out on your porch at the cottage with the ones you love.

As I prepare to go work I realize that although I could use just one more day, I have absolutely no regrets with the turn of events of the past weekend. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single minute of it. This inspiration board is my moment of relaxation as I look forward to another busy week ahead!

Happy Monday all!

Max xoxox


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