Photo shoot : : Winter fun by Jessica Goodsell Photography

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been a tad bit M.IA the last couple of weeks. I’ve been (once again) concentrating on marketing and such. You may have noticed that Aïcha has been off from the blogging world as well. And well, she should be since she’s getting married this weekend! Congrats to her!!!

Today I will make up for lost time sharing on the blog. Back in January I shared a sneak peek at Amy and Sathy’s photo shoot with the very talented Jessica Goodsell. As it’s a winter wonderland today in Montreal, I figured this was a pretty perfect time to share the session with you. They had such a great time that day and it was totally portrayed through these wonderful shots.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Small-50 Small-14 Small-17 Small-18 Amy-and-Sathy-2 Small-1 Small-21 Amy-and-Sathy-1 Small-31

This definitely has to be one of my favourite shots! I mean come on, check out the wink!

Small-42 Small-43 Small-45 Small-37 Small-38

Happy winter Wednesday! xoxo


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