DIY Project : : pearled numbers


As some of you may know from a picture I took on Instagram over here, I’m working on some of the decor for JBW’s grandmother’s 95th birthday party. Yeah… you heard me correctly… 95! I mean let’s face it, that is most definitely worth celebrating people.

Here is a really easy but {won’t lie} totally time-consuming. Again though.. 95!  I’m creating the 9 and 5 to be displayed on the cake table, however these would look fantastic as a table number for your guests and you could also do letters. Hang them from a chair or an empty picture frame {ideas are coming as I write}.

What you will need:

  • wooden numbers (or letters)
  • hot glue gun
  • pearl beads (I purchased mine at Michael’s)


{step 1} Start  gluing them one by one. Make sure to fill in all gaps


{step 2} Adorn with beautiful ribbon {optional)


Happy gluing!


4 thoughts on “DIY Project : : pearled numbers

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