RDE : : The move

Hello beauties! First off I want to start by apologizing for the neglect. I have been absent or not as active as usual on the blog for various reasons. Lots of thing are changing in my personal life as well as business. All very exciting and new and I’m loving every moment but nonetheless it has been keeping me away from my virtual home. One of the biggest things going on now is… wait for it…. wait for it… wait for it… we are going from being urban living to suburbs! We are leaving the big city to move into our new homes in the burbs. It all happened extremely fast but we are thrilled! We move on June 22nd so please excuse me if I’m not around as much until then as there will be tones of packing and furniture shopping to do!

What does this mean for Reserve the Date Events?! More room for crafts!

New Home

Anyone else moving into a new home this summer? Tell me how you plan to make the move as smooth as possible.



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