Insta-Crush : : getting organized

Hey hey hey! I’m back! So so very sorry for the lack of blogging lately but as you all know (yes I can’t stop saying it!) the new house and move along with current client duties has taken up all of my precious time. I must say moving from our small city apartment to our country house (no seriously, I’m in the country with really big mosquitos!) has been nothing but great. As much as we have had to work, whether it be painting, cleaning the deck and gutters to setting up shop (lovin’ my office setup below…eeek!), every moment has been absolutely wonderful. JBW and I are so happy and appreciate what we have been blessed with. Life is short and you need to stop and take a moment to take it all in. Anyway, the worst has passed; we still have some painting to do over the weekend and we are still waiting on our new furniture to be delivered (yup empty main floor!) but other than that… Life is good. What are you up to this weekend?

{via instagram}

Have a great weekend lovelies! xoxo


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