Advice : : engagement sessions – part un

It’s Wednesday and to break up the week I’m offering some advice!

Engagement Sessions, which are also known as E-Sessions, are  creative and fun shoots done with the wedding photographer of your choice before your big day. There are many valuable reasons why this should be done and I almost always recommend them to my clients.

Before I go any further it’s really important to know that you always want the ideal weather for an e-session unless it’s being shot in an inside location. It’s best to reschedule your session on a rainy day.

{to see more of this beautiful engagement click here}

You asked: Why should we do an e-session?

  1. In my opinion your wedding photos are most likely one of the most important aspects of your wedding (aside from hiring a wedding planner of course {wink wink!}). This will allow you to get to know your wedding photographer in preparation for your wedding. It also builds a relationship and trust so that you can be 100% relax when it comes to working together on the big day.
  2. Depending on the style and look you are going for during your e-session; this would be a great time to test out your hair and makeup (especially the makeup!) It will give you the full effect of how you will look the day of.
  3. It gets you ready and comfortable with being in front of a camera allowing for more natural pictures. If you are anything like me and just hate taking pictures, this will completely change that and you will feel more self-confident.
  4. E-sessions have really comes a long ways. They are more natural and it’s a great way for a couple to express themselves and their uniqueness. They can be used for your save-the-date cards, for your wedding website, for your engagement announcement and even for the signing book. It’s often seen at weddings where guest sign a big size picture.
  5. Oh and the coolest part of all is you will have these GREAT PHOTOS and memories!

Stay tuned for part deux : : e-session style!

I’m totally interested to know what you did or plan to do for you e-session.

Happy Wednesday lovelies! xo


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