Friday Bouquet

Happy Friday lovelies! It’s been a whirlwind of a holiday season so far. Good and not so good but you make the best of it right?

JBW has broken his leg in 4 places and required surgery last Friday so that has kept me quite busy. Regardless though, I managed to have the family over for turkey dinner and it turned out to be an absolute blast! I have to say I was sort of dreading it due to being so exhausted with JBW’s leg situation but am so glad I did it anyway. There is nothing like family to get you through the hard times.

I’m now working on some new projects for the new year and I can’t wait to share them with you. I also have a few big announcements for the new year but you’ll have to hang in there until then!

Here’s a beauty to keep you happy…

Winter Bouquet


Enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Friday Bouquet

  1. Really enjoy your posts, they are really creative and uplifting. I look forward to your next one ! And by the way, let me know if you want an updated profile shot, great excuse for a visit 😉 xx

    • Hahaha! Funny you should mention the profile shot! I’m in the middle of re-branding my company and was thinking I need to do that! Let’s get in touch soon. Are you in school? we could do lunch. xoxo

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