advice : : engagement session part deux

Hello lovelies!

It’s been sooooo long since I last blogged but hey that must mean something right! So as promised way back when over here I’m sharing some more advice regarding e-sessions. Today I’m going into more detail and discussing your style, location and types of shoots.

1. Pick the right time of year

There really isn’t a wrong time to shoot your e-session. Spring and fall are not too hot so make for very comfortable weather. Spring has new blooms and fall had brilliant colours. Summer is one of the obvious times as it leaves so many location options. However, I must say I’m a sucker for winter shoots. Snow just seems to make every shot so bright and crisp yet so soft.

2.    Choose your site.

Depending on your style you can have multiple locations. I would suggest no more than 3 though so that your choices don’t become to difficult to make.

  •  Studio– I do know some photographers that have some pretty sweet studios and have some pretty neat props to make your shoot more intimate and perhaps more comfortable for people who don’t like too much attention
  • Rustic – woodsy areas, barns, wood design elements
  • Personal– This can be something as simple as home. A bike ride or a picnic, even the place he popped the big question
  • Nature – woods, rivers, lakes, beaches and hills. This is right up there with a fall shoot or summer shoot for those awesome colours.
  • Urban  – If you are a city person, embrace it! Old factories or breweries, bridges and cool lounges. Even a happening restaurant with a neat décor. I mean come on! Montreal isn’t missing any of the above!
  • Active– Some couples are fit and love training or doing activities together so there is nothing wrong with pictures of you out skating, hiking or even hockey. This is Canada after all!

3. What to wear

Once you have chosen your location and season you are now ready to pick your outfits. You don’t want to clash with your background or look out-of-place. E-sessions are meant to be casual and representative of you as a couple. Also you don’t want to match too much that can look tacky. If you are active it only makes sense to wear something you can ride a bike in and if you are hanging out in a café in the middle of the afternoon a gown would not be the obvious choice. Try and be natural and wear something you would feel at ease in based on the location, season and chosen activity.

A good photographer will know what the best time of the day is to shoot depending on the season. They might also take close up shots of you holding objects so make sure to get that manicure! Don’t forget that these are your memories so keep it unique and natural. Nothing too cliché that you will regret later.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!



Anyone have a cool winter wonderland e-session coming up?

M xoxo


Advice : : engagement sessions – part un

It’s Wednesday and to break up the week I’m offering some advice!

Engagement Sessions, which are also known as E-Sessions, are  creative and fun shoots done with the wedding photographer of your choice before your big day. There are many valuable reasons why this should be done and I almost always recommend them to my clients.

Before I go any further it’s really important to know that you always want the ideal weather for an e-session unless it’s being shot in an inside location. It’s best to reschedule your session on a rainy day.

{to see more of this beautiful engagement click here}

You asked: Why should we do an e-session?

  1. In my opinion your wedding photos are most likely one of the most important aspects of your wedding (aside from hiring a wedding planner of course {wink wink!}). This will allow you to get to know your wedding photographer in preparation for your wedding. It also builds a relationship and trust so that you can be 100% relax when it comes to working together on the big day.
  2. Depending on the style and look you are going for during your e-session; this would be a great time to test out your hair and makeup (especially the makeup!) It will give you the full effect of how you will look the day of.
  3. It gets you ready and comfortable with being in front of a camera allowing for more natural pictures. If you are anything like me and just hate taking pictures, this will completely change that and you will feel more self-confident.
  4. E-sessions have really comes a long ways. They are more natural and it’s a great way for a couple to express themselves and their uniqueness. They can be used for your save-the-date cards, for your wedding website, for your engagement announcement and even for the signing book. It’s often seen at weddings where guest sign a big size picture.
  5. Oh and the coolest part of all is you will have these GREAT PHOTOS and memories!

Stay tuned for part deux : : e-session style!

I’m totally interested to know what you did or plan to do for you e-session.

Happy Wednesday lovelies! xo

Advice : : bridal shower on a budget

Hiya! I hope everyone’s week is starting off as great as mine. Tons to do but enjoying every moment of it!

I have received a few questions with regards to planning a bridal shower when funds are limited. Believe me I’ve attended and planned so many of my friend’s showers that I have become a pro at saving pennies to throw these. Here are some ideas to help with planning a bridal shower on a budget.


{image via intimate weddings}

{Refreshments}. To keep it on the inexpensive side opt for a signature drink that can be made in big batches and in non-alcoholic versions such as sangria or pomegranate margaritas (YUM!}. You can find recipes at Food and Wine Cocktails. Here is an easy non-alcoholic version of sangria.

{Potluck} Ok don’t hate! Some of the best food I’ve eaten was at potlucks. Plus you end up which such a great variety of foods and awesome leftovers (wink!) A few suggestions; create a theme for the food, make a list of items that people can choose from that you can check off the list at they go or even make it a tapas style buffet. If men are invited, make it a barbecue. This way they don’t feel obligated to hang around the chicks, instead they can all gather around the barbecue to watch the one guy cooking.

{Activities}. There are so many inexpensive ideas such as having an at home spa day where you paint each other’s nails, create you own scrubs and facial masks. Set out a table of mixed ingredients that your guests can choose from such as; oils {rose oil, almond oil, lavender oils}. In addition you can have dried herbs and flowers such as; dried rose buds, rosemary, mint and lavender. Create a serene area outside by a pool or under a tree where you can lay and relax. Then everyone can take home their homemade goodies. Which brings me to favours.

{Favours}. You can’t go wrong with homemade body scrubs because everybody likes to de-stress and feel pampered. You can use pretty glass Mason jars or shop for other suitable containers at your local dollar store. Remember the easy DIY posted last week over here? You can decorate the jar inexpensively with ribbons, hang tags or get the downloadable tags I made here and here.

Take care! xoxo

Insta-Crush : : date night

It’s Friday lovelies and it’s March to boot! Today I wanted to share some personal advice on keeping things fun and exciting in relationships. I mean I’m not an expert by any means and our relationship is a constant work-in-progress; however I love hearing others outlook on relationships and life in general.

I shared the pic below on Instagram (hence Insta-Crush… clever eh?!) this week and it got a few likes and comments. I believe the reason why is because people can relate to relationships not always being easy and that we can sometimes end up stuck in a bit of a romance rut. We are not married but we are going on our 4th year together on March 17th and we decided a while back that keeping date nights to at least once a week would keep the fun that we all remember when we first met. We go out for dinner to restaurants because restaurants (unfortunately for my waistline) is our thing. In the winter we mostly stay in but prepare out-of-the-norm dinners that we are more likely to order at a restaurant than make at home (example below is Osso Buco; my favourite!) We light some candles and drink a nice wine.

You can pretty much make date night anything you want. If your interests are more the outdoors type, go for a hike and then bring the required elements to have a picnic. Anyway, you get the drift. It’s all about not just stepping outside the box but remaining there so that we can always expect the unexpected.

This was a short post and may or may not have been helpful for some of you but it helps me see that I’m doing something right!

Last few words of wisdom: Never stop dating and always keep it fun

Date Night

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Third Time’s the Charm

Hello everyone!

For those of you who are currently planning your big day, has the famous idiom, “the third time’s the charm,” been resonating with you in a new, rather intense way?  To be honest, I feel like this famous phrase is THE descriptor of my wedding-planning experience!

First, our search for the perfect, intimate venue was long and confusing.  At the beginning, we had our mind set on Place #1, a beautiful bar/lounge located in downtown Montreal.  Its impressive decor, which includes contemporary art works and gorgeous mouldings, was enough to charm us.  However, when we ventured there one evening to experience the place before officially booking it, we were disappointed; it was as though the excitement and certainty we felt before arriving slowly dissipated as we sat, sipping on beautifully concocted cocktails.  I couldn’t put my finger on precisely what it was — or perhaps I can, but I’m just too polite — but it didn’t click: there were no sparks!  So, the search had to start anew.  After spending hours on the internet, I found the perfect option: Place #2!  Since we’re getting married at the Palais de justice located in the Old Port, this option was ideal — a mere 5-minute walk away!  To top things off, I found stunning pictures of the private venue room, and the fact that this place is actually a hotel was a huge bonus since many of our guests are out-of-towners.  Needless to say, we were sold!  We consulted their banquet and cocktail menus and reserved the date (wink wink), but we still hadn’t physically visited the spot.  On the day of our visit, there was a freak snowstorm — remember when 45 centimeters of snow fell in Montreal? Yeah, on that day.  Although we hoped to still make it to our appointment, we called the consultant a few hours before our meeting to reschedule; to our surprise, she was MIA: no phone call, no email, nada.  And, we thought to ourselves, “Hmm, if we had actually braved the storm and gone there for our meeting, we would have had our consultation with…the hotel receptionist?!”  I guess we can say things went downhill from there: no wow factor upon our first visit, their lack of flexibility, and everything seemed to be so difficult.  So, we were back at square one; it’s just that this time, we were more annoyed and anxious.

Then, I found THE place: L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel.  I don’t know why I hadn’t considered this place before, especially since it’s in the Old Port.  When I visited their website, they had beautiful pictures of past weddings, so I was very hopeful and quickly called to make an appointment.  Even though I had high hopes before our meeting, I kept reminding myself that we had been disappointed twice before and that if this place wasn’t for us, we would settle for the other, frustrating Place #2.  We visited L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel after its over-the-top New Year’s Eve party, during the two-week period at the beginning of January where the place is closed for post-party cleanup — imagine that!  Our consultant was professional and experienced; she was also deeply apologetic for having us visit the premises when it was at its worst state.  Still, when we entered the private room, we knew we had found the perfect spot!

Right now, the same story seems to be repeating itself with our DJ: after having considered one recommended by a friend, we opted for another who has now stopped responding to my correspondences.  No later than this afternoon, I contacted a third option that seems very promising.  With three weeks to go before the big day, I hope things work out!  Third time’s the charm, right?