Advice : : bridal shower on a budget

Hiya! I hope everyone’s week is starting off as great as mine. Tons to do but enjoying every moment of it!

I have received a few questions with regards to planning a bridal shower when funds are limited. Believe me I’ve attended and planned so many of my friend’s showers that I have become a pro at saving pennies to throw these. Here are some ideas to help with planning a bridal shower on a budget.


{image via intimate weddings}

{Refreshments}. To keep it on the inexpensive side opt for a signature drink that can be made in big batches and in non-alcoholic versions such as sangria or pomegranate margaritas (YUM!}. You can find recipes at Food and Wine Cocktails. Here is an easy non-alcoholic version of sangria.

{Potluck} Ok don’t hate! Some of the best food I’ve eaten was at potlucks. Plus you end up which such a great variety of foods and awesome leftovers (wink!) A few suggestions; create a theme for the food, make a list of items that people can choose from that you can check off the list at they go or even make it a tapas style buffet. If men are invited, make it a barbecue. This way they don’t feel obligated to hang around the chicks, instead they can all gather around the barbecue to watch the one guy cooking.

{Activities}. There are so many inexpensive ideas such as having an at home spa day where you paint each other’s nails, create you own scrubs and facial masks. Set out a table of mixed ingredients that your guests can choose from such as; oils {rose oil, almond oil, lavender oils}. In addition you can have dried herbs and flowers such as; dried rose buds, rosemary, mint and lavender. Create a serene area outside by a pool or under a tree where you can lay and relax. Then everyone can take home their homemade goodies. Which brings me to favours.

{Favours}. You can’t go wrong with homemade body scrubs because everybody likes to de-stress and feel pampered. You can use pretty glass Mason jars or shop for other suitable containers at your local dollar store. Remember the easy DIY posted last week over here? You can decorate the jar inexpensively with ribbons, hang tags or get the downloadable tags I made here and here.

Take care! xoxo


DIY Project : : oh sweet scrub

Hello sweethearts!

Today I want to share an easy as 1-2-3  Body Scrub Favour that I believe will make any guest smile!  As wedding planner and designer I try to always stay within budget for all my clients and I’m a huge fan of easy to make stuff. This scrub can be made with things you can find in your kitchen (seriously). Trust me I don’t bake and I have all ingredients required for this über cute and fun DIY!

Ready? Ok here is what you need:

  • An airtight container to store the scrub. I purchased the metal lid ones you see below at a local wholesaler.
  • 1 cup of brown sugar,
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive oils

In addition you will need:

  • some pretty ribbon or twine {I always have left overs on hand}
  • a spoon for mixing
  • adorable labels made by yours truly
  • mini spoon (optional)


{step 1} In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil and vanilla.

oil vanilla

{step 2} Add the brown sugar and mix well.



{step 3} Scoop the scrub into the container until full. The above measurements made enough scrub to fill one container but you could easily scale it to make more containers. Seal with lid and fasten with ribbon.

{step 4} Beautify with the cutest little spoon and the  delightful oh sweet scrub label courtesy of moi. Make sure to download here {gray} and here {pink}!


Oh and finally make sure to give your scrub a try!

Enjoy xoxo

DIY Project : : pearled numbers


As some of you may know from a picture I took on Instagram over here, I’m working on some of the decor for JBW’s grandmother’s 95th birthday party. Yeah… you heard me correctly… 95! I mean let’s face it, that is most definitely worth celebrating people.

Here is a really easy but {won’t lie} totally time-consuming. Again though.. 95!  I’m creating the 9 and 5 to be displayed on the cake table, however these would look fantastic as a table number for your guests and you could also do letters. Hang them from a chair or an empty picture frame {ideas are coming as I write}.

What you will need:

  • wooden numbers (or letters)
  • hot glue gun
  • pearl beads (I purchased mine at Michael’s)


{step 1} Start  gluing them one by one. Make sure to fill in all gaps


{step 2} Adorn with beautiful ribbon {optional)


Happy gluing!