Insta-Crush : : when to hit reset

Hello lovelies!

It’s Friday and I’m soooo excited that it is for various reasons. I’m taking a week off with JBW next week and I will take the opportunity to hit the “Reset” button. Summer is over, not by calendar standards but we always define summer ending when Labour Day comes and goes and we return to our set ways. Kids are back to school and vacation/family time is over. Some of us let go of our diets and workouts because summer always give you the need to indulge. Indulge in a little more wine, indulge in grilled foods, indulge in ice cream, well you get the point. My body is telling me it’s time to get some rest and do a little detox. I bought the Gwyneth Paltrow book (as seen on my Instagram portfolio) and it has really inspired me to do a thorough body cleansing. If you haven’t bought this book I highly suggest that you do. She has come up with some great, easy and healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy without sacrificing the tastes we love.


This being said, I am off to relax in our hot tub, on our new deck, at our new house.

Take care! xoxo

Insta-Crush : : getting organized

Hey hey hey! I’m back! So so very sorry for the lack of blogging lately but as you all know (yes I can’t stop saying it!) the new house and move along with current client duties has taken up all of my precious time. I must say moving from our small city apartment to our country house (no seriously, I’m in the country with really big mosquitos!) has been nothing but great. As much as we have had to work, whether it be painting, cleaning the deck and gutters to setting up shop (lovin’ my office setup below…eeek!), every moment has been absolutely wonderful. JBW and I are so happy and appreciate what we have been blessed with. Life is short and you need to stop and take a moment to take it all in. Anyway, the worst has passed; we still have some painting to do over the weekend and we are still waiting on our new furniture to be delivered (yup empty main floor!) but other than that… Life is good. What are you up to this weekend?

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Have a great weekend lovelies! xoxo

Insta-Crush : : date night

It’s Friday lovelies and it’s March to boot! Today I wanted to share some personal advice on keeping things fun and exciting in relationships. I mean I’m not an expert by any means and our relationship is a constant work-in-progress; however I love hearing others outlook on relationships and life in general.

I shared the pic below on Instagram (hence Insta-Crush… clever eh?!) this week and it got a few likes and comments. I believe the reason why is because people can relate to relationships not always being easy and that we can sometimes end up stuck in a bit of a romance rut. We are not married but we are going on our 4th year together on March 17th and we decided a while back that keeping date nights to at least once a week would keep the fun that we all remember when we first met. We go out for dinner to restaurants because restaurants (unfortunately for my waistline) is our thing. In the winter we mostly stay in but prepare out-of-the-norm dinners that we are more likely to order at a restaurant than make at home (example below is Osso Buco; my favourite!) We light some candles and drink a nice wine.

You can pretty much make date night anything you want. If your interests are more the outdoors type, go for a hike and then bring the required elements to have a picnic. Anyway, you get the drift. It’s all about not just stepping outside the box but remaining there so that we can always expect the unexpected.

This was a short post and may or may not have been helpful for some of you but it helps me see that I’m doing something right!

Last few words of wisdom: Never stop dating and always keep it fun

Date Night

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Insta-Crush : : lemon + lavender

It’s Friday and I’m going to be busy remodelling my “office”.  Office a.k.a a little corner of my dining room! I need some clutter-free space to be able to concentrate and brainstorm. This is just a part of the apartment upgrade JBW and I are working on as we are overdue for a fresh look.

I’m a week late on sharing this but I just had to because I was truly excited to receive the cutest package in the mail from the talented and lovely Ashley LaRue from Lemon + Lavender. I ordered a custom business stamp from her, however she specializes in stationary (super sweet stationary). Make sure to head over to her site and blog today to see her work. While you’re over there catch up on her story as an ex-pat living in South-Africa with her wonderful family.


On that note, happy Friday and have a great weekend! xoxo